Final Submission – Research Report

“What are the advantages for a company like Lush when engaging in existing online communities?”



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Synopsis – Lauren Dijkshoorn

Name: Lauren Dijkshoorn
Student number: 1651647
Specialisation: Concept Design English (resit)
Lecturer: Rob van den Idsert
Format: Mini-lecture

How can a company make use of online communities that are created outside of the company itself? What exactly is an online community and what is the meaning of engagement?

These online communities could prove a great way of engaging  in online communities that are already familiar or interested in the brand. Engaging in those communities could result in a greater loyalty among the already existing community. How should it be done, what would be the best tactic to do so?

But are there any downsides to a company deliberately engaging in these communities. These communities have been created outside of the already generated communities of the company itself. Maybe these communities do not want to company to also get into their community…

Revised Research Question – Lauren Dijkshoorn

Name: Lauren Dijkshoorn
Course: Seminar Concept English
Period: D
Teacher: Rob van den Idsert
Format: Presentation
Date: 26-05-2017

Research question
What are the advantages for Lush when engaging in online communities.

Sub Questions
What is engagement?
What is an online community?
What channels are used for online engagement by Lush?
How can engagement benefit and damage the reputation of a company?
How does engagement affect the targeted online community?
What can a company achieve by engaging in online communities?

After a lot of brainstorming and revising my previous setup for my research, I discovered that my initial plan for my research was not possible.

This is what I initially wanted to research, how can a company engage in community created platforms such as facebook groups. I am in a few facebook groups focussed on companies, such as Dr. Martens and Lush. I notice that a lot of useful feedback is given inside these groups that are unseen by the company, or maybe deliberately not used.

I want to know what the advantages of joining communities are for a company. And what the customers think of it.

Research methods
– Desk research
Looking for and analysing of already existing literature on the subject.
– Interview
– Survey
In existing online communities
– Observation
Compare and analyse existing examples.

Resource list

We’re all a-twitter — why online communities matter: Lindsay Blackwell at TEDxWilmingtonUniversity

Sociability and usability in online communities: Determining and measuring success

The real value of online communities

Lush Marketing Plan Final.

Community Engagement

The benefits of online communities

Research Question – Lauren Dijkshoorn

Name: Lauren Dijkshoorn
Course: Seminar Concept English
Period: D
Teacher: Rob van den Idsert
Format: Presentation
Date: 10-05-2017

Research question

How does co-creation/participation between customer and company change the marketing field of today?

Sub questions

What is participation/co-creation?
How is participation/co-creation used in marketing?
How does participation/co-creation influence the marketing field of today?
What target audience is reached by participation/co-creation marketing?
How does participation/co-creation influence the target audience


For my research I want to research a subject that I find really interesting.

There are large changes in the media landscape in the past years. This changes the way target audiences can be reached. Some target audiences can’t be reached or are hard to reach when using the classic ways of marketing/communications.

By researching this subject I want to create insight in what participation/co-creation in marketing is, how this is executed and what the advantages are.


  • Desk research
    Looking for and analysing of already existing literature on the subject.
  • Interviews
    Looking for opinions about participation/co-creation of people who have been a part of participation/co-creation
  • Observation
    Compare and analyse existing examples.

Participation brand index
Lee R.P., Yonggui W., Ma S., Anderson J. (2017) Customer Participation in Service Cocreation: An (Extended) Abstract. In: Stieler M. (eds) Creating Marketing Magic and Innovative Future Marketing Trends. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science. Springer, Cham
What marketers can learn from participation brands

The Five Levels of Competitive Advantage Yielded by Co-Creation for Sales and Procurement – The Co-Creation Edge


Synopsis – Lauren Dijkshoorn

Final Fantasy is a series from the game design group Square Enix. The Final Fantasy series started out as a last resort for the company, their “final fantasy”. The company was close to going bankrupt and so they created their last idea. This “final fantasy” turned out to be a great success of the company, and since then Square Enix is one of the leading gaming companies out there with regards to fantasy games. The reason why Square Enix has titles that are so well known is due to their well layered storytelling within the games.

My research will be focused on one of the Final Fantasy games. This game is considered one of the best Final Fantasy games in the series and in my opinion this game has the most depth in the stories told throughout the game. The Final Fantasy I am talking about is the seventh in the series, Final Fantasy VII takes place is a alternate world. In this world the worlds energy is guided by the life-stream. The life-stream makes sure the wind is blowing, the water is flowing and of course that the earth is warm. From the life-stream a company called Shinra inc. draws energy called mako. The energy drawn from the life-stream depletes all of the energy from the world. Cloude Strife the protagonist of the story, is a mercenary that works for a resistance group called Avalanche that fights to lock down the mako reactors.

My research regarding this subject will revolve around the storytelling of Final Fantasy VII. I will look into how Final Fantsy VII uses storytelling to create the different storylines inside the story. The elements they use and how they strengthen each other. How the elements Square Enix uses for storytelling catches the player, and why the elements they use creates such a well known story that is still up to date at this point.

To find the answers of these questions I will look into the different storylines within the main story. I will look into the narrative video games most often use and how this is reflected in Final Fantasy VII. I will gather most of my information from the book Understanding Video Games (by; S.E. Nielsen, J.H. Smith and S.P. Tosca). The information about the different storylines inside the story of Final Fantasy VII I will gather from fan bases, informational websites and personal experience.

Research Questions Lauren Dijkshoorn

Name: Lauren Dijkshoorn
Student Number: 1651647
Specialisation: Concept Design
Teacher: Rob van den Idsert
Format: Article

Problem/Main Question,
How do large-scale games tell their stories?

Possible sub-questions,
What are the elements of storytelling?
What type of storytelling is the most interesting for large-scale games?
How do large-scale games use elements of storytelling?
How do large-scale games distinguish themselves from other media?

During my first year in this school I have been focussing very much on storytelling.
I think that storytelling is the foundation of all advertisement out there, and when storytelling is executed in the right way it can pull an idea up to a next level.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been intrigued by large-scale games.These so called large-scaled games have a unique feature that distinguish them from small platform games such as apps. Large-scaled games have the possibility to discover worlds, people and different stories within the main plot. I want to research what storytelling elements are best for the large-scale games and why. I also want to research why large-scale gaming is such a good medium for creating stories.

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