Onderzoeksvraag Melle Meijer

Name: Melle Meijer
Studentnumber: 1645212
Class: Resit
Specialisation: Concept design English
Lecture: Thijs Waardenburg
Format: Mini-lecture


Hoe zetten non-profitorganisaties een marketingstrategie bij reclames is?

Deelvraag 1
Wat is een non-profit organisatie?

Deelvraag 2
Wat is een marketingstrategie

Deelvraag 3
Hoe verhoudt een non-profit reclame zich tot een commerciële reclame?


Het doel van een non-profit reclame is heel anders dan het reclame doel van een commerciële reclame. Ze hoeven geen product of dienst te verkopen. Maar toch maken ze reclame omdat zij bijvoorbeeld donaties of donateurs nodig hebben. Ik vraag mij af hoe deze non-profit reclames in elkaar zitten en hoe zij hun doel bereiken.


Final documentation – Melle Meijer – 1645212

Name: Melle Meijer
Student number: 1645212
Teacher:  Annemieke Pesch
Specialisation: Concept Design English -resit
Format: Mini-lecture
Date: 6/6/2017

Research question:
How can you keep on stimulation your creativity when you are stressed?



Research rapport: MelleMeijer_1645212_research_rapport

Reflection rapport: MelleMeijer_1645212_Reflection

Presentation with notes: MelleMeijer_1645212_presentation


Synopsis Melle Meijer


Name: Melle Meijer
Student number: 1645212
Specialisation: Concept design English (resit)
Lecturer: Annemieke Pesch
Format: Mini-lecture


How to stay creative while your stressed?

We think creativity is something common. Some people might be more creative than others but what is creativity actually? Creativity is something really complex and scientist still don’t know the exact answer but they do know a lot already. Creativity is an outcome, idea, process that is useful, relevant and a solution. Creativity takes place in the brain and is about making connections between previous experience but also between the two sides of the brain.

You might recognise the feeling of feeling less creative when you are really busy or stressed. The more stress, the less creative. Does it work that why in your brain or is it something you just feel. But how do you stay creative while you’re stressed? For this research I found out ways to keep on stimulation your creativity in busy times.

Research question Melle Meijer

Research question Melle Meijer

Name: Melle Meijer
Student number: 1645212
Specialisation: Concept design English (resit)
Lecturer: Annemieke Pesch
Format: Mini-lecture

Research question:

On what way can you keep on stimulation your creativity in busy times?

Sub questions:

What is creativity?
How does creativity works?
How do you become less creative while being busy?
What happens with the brains when you are busy?
To what extent can you influence your own creativity?
Why do I pick creativity as a subject? I run into this problem myself that it feels like I am ‘losing’ creativity during busy times with stress and less spare time. I would love to find a way for myself (that might work for others as well) to keep on stimulation creativity at any time.

This is not only important for this stage in life, being a student, but this might be use full for the rest of the working life. That’s why this subject is CMD relevant because with the likely upcoming career you need to be creative and work under pressure.



Desk research:
Creativity and brains






Stress and creativity:



Buiten de lijntjes  : stimuleer je creativiteit

Imagine  : hoe creativiteit werkt

Creatief denken  : slimme technieken om problemen op te lossen


Kiki Blom







Synopsis- Melle Meijer



We all know charities (non-profit organisations). A lot of people make an effort for charities for example by donating money, becoming a member or volunteer. You only donate to an organisation that you care about and trust. But when do you trust a non-profit organisation?

I am doing research about the link with credibility and art-direction. The first thing that came to my mind were colours. When a non-profit organisation uses green for example, they look more trustworthy than orange.

But there must be much more reasons and there are. There are a lot of things important to achieve credibility by brands. For example trust, authenticity and transparency. But going back to the link with art-direction, I will do research about art-direction in a lot of ways. Colours of course but also shapes, sizes, text, photography and much more.

To understand what credibility actual is, I also do research about dignity and belief because we only do an effort for non-profit organisation if you trust them.

Research question – Melle Meijer

Name: Melle Meijer
Studentnumber: 1645212
Specialty: Concept Design English
Teacher: Marvin fernandes

Presentation form: Lecture


Research question:

In what way contribute art direction to the credibility on non-profit organisations?




-What is credibility?

-What is art direction?

-How does non-profit organisations use art direction?

-Which art direction elements increase the credibility?




How is art direction used by non-profit organisations to become honest and transparent?




What can big companies learn from non-profit organisations to get more credibility?





At this moment I am really interested in art direction. I want to do more with it in the future, that’s why it is a part of my main question. I also wandering for a long time when a company is credible and what are the causes of that. To make the question more personal I will focus on non-profit organisations. Those





Art directors

Researchers about credibility

Research about


-art direction

-advertisement of non-profit organisation

-advertisement about ‘sneaky’ companies (banks for examples)