Ruben de Zeeuw – Final Submission

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Persoonlijke gegevens
Naam: Ruben de Zeeuw
Student Number: 1569795
Specialisatie: Concepting English (Resit)
Format: Docent: Rob van den Idsert

Research Question “What trends using innovations in digital media are changing the retail sector?”




Final Submission – Research Report

“What are the advantages for a company like Lush when engaging in existing online communities?”



Survey Reactions

Lush Facebook NL BE

Survey Questions

Survey overview

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Final documentation – Melle Meijer – 1645212

Name: Melle Meijer
Student number: 1645212
Teacher:  Annemieke Pesch
Specialisation: Concept Design English -resit
Format: Mini-lecture
Date: 6/6/2017

Research question:
How can you keep on stimulation your creativity when you are stressed?



Research rapport: MelleMeijer_1645212_research_rapport

Reflection rapport: MelleMeijer_1645212_Reflection

Presentation with notes: MelleMeijer_1645212_presentation


Final documentation | Jonathan Tjahjoko

Name: Jonathan Tjahjoko
Student number: 1651303
Teacher: Rob van den Idsert/Annemieke Pesch
Specialisation: E-CON
Format: Mini-lecture
Date: 6/6/2017

Research question:
How does our thoughts and opinions being influenced by fake news?


Research: Jonathan Tjahoko_1651303_Research_report
Reflection: Jonathan Tjahjoko_1651303_Reflection
Presentation: Jonathan_Tjahjoko_1651303_Slides

Synopsis – Lauren Dijkshoorn

Name: Lauren Dijkshoorn
Student number: 1651647
Specialisation: Concept Design English (resit)
Lecturer: Rob van den Idsert
Format: Mini-lecture

How can a company make use of online communities that are created outside of the company itself? What exactly is an online community and what is the meaning of engagement?

These online communities could prove a great way of engaging  in online communities that are already familiar or interested in the brand. Engaging in those communities could result in a greater loyalty among the already existing community. How should it be done, what would be the best tactic to do so?

But are there any downsides to a company deliberately engaging in these communities. These communities have been created outside of the already generated communities of the company itself. Maybe these communities do not want to company to also get into their community…

Revised Research Question – Lauren Dijkshoorn

Name: Lauren Dijkshoorn
Course: Seminar Concept English
Period: D
Teacher: Rob van den Idsert
Format: Presentation
Date: 26-05-2017

Research question
What are the advantages for Lush when engaging in online communities.

Sub Questions
What is engagement?
What is an online community?
What channels are used for online engagement by Lush?
How can engagement benefit and damage the reputation of a company?
How does engagement affect the targeted online community?
What can a company achieve by engaging in online communities?

After a lot of brainstorming and revising my previous setup for my research, I discovered that my initial plan for my research was not possible.

This is what I initially wanted to research, how can a company engage in community created platforms such as facebook groups. I am in a few facebook groups focussed on companies, such as Dr. Martens and Lush. I notice that a lot of useful feedback is given inside these groups that are unseen by the company, or maybe deliberately not used.

I want to know what the advantages of joining communities are for a company. And what the customers think of it.

Research methods
– Desk research
Looking for and analysing of already existing literature on the subject.
– Interview
– Survey
In existing online communities
– Observation
Compare and analyse existing examples.

Resource list

We’re all a-twitter — why online communities matter: Lindsay Blackwell at TEDxWilmingtonUniversity

Sociability and usability in online communities: Determining and measuring success

The real value of online communities

Lush Marketing Plan Final.

Community Engagement

The benefits of online communities

Synopsis Melle Meijer


Name: Melle Meijer
Student number: 1645212
Specialisation: Concept design English (resit)
Lecturer: Annemieke Pesch
Format: Mini-lecture


How to stay creative while your stressed?

We think creativity is something common. Some people might be more creative than others but what is creativity actually? Creativity is something really complex and scientist still don’t know the exact answer but they do know a lot already. Creativity is an outcome, idea, process that is useful, relevant and a solution. Creativity takes place in the brain and is about making connections between previous experience but also between the two sides of the brain.

You might recognise the feeling of feeling less creative when you are really busy or stressed. The more stress, the less creative. Does it work that why in your brain or is it something you just feel. But how do you stay creative while you’re stressed? For this research I found out ways to keep on stimulation your creativity in busy times.

Synopsis – Thomas de Gilder


Format: Mini-lecture
Title: Branding an artist

Within this lecture I want to talk about creating brand awareness for artists. How does an artist gain more brand awareness? I want to research this by analysing the artist Jowners. He is an upcoming hip-hop artist. He started to gain recognition over the last couple of years. I want to know how this all started en what he did tot get where he is right now. I am very curious about his use of marketing tools and if he used these on purpose of not.

After Jowners started to gain recognition he signed at the music label Bravoure Music. I want to find out what differences the label could make I terms of brand awareness. I am also wondering if the label has a specific approach when they are branding an artist. Was there a specific approach with Jowners and why?

Synopsis – Jonathan Tjahjoko

Naam: Jonathan Tjahjoko
Student number: 1651303
Class: E-CON
Teachers: Rob van den Idsert / Annemieke Pesch
Format: Mini lecture

A new way of propaganda: Fake news

It is strange what a few words can do with people’s opinion and behaviour. With some shocking headlines and false truth, society has the power to turn the world upside down. It’s like plague, it spreads around the media so fast and there is almost nothing that we can do. Major tech companies like Facebook and Google try to stop the plague with tips and tricks on how to spot the problem. I think it is important to be aware of what is real news and what is not. Fake news is a major problem in nowadays journalism. With fake news, negative people who already have a bad view on the world, get their satisfaction from fake news. Their opinions and behaviour can stir the world and that is a big problem.

Besides deskresearch i’m interviewing a psychologist on people’s behaviour and opinions, to find out why people are so easily influenced by fake news.