Research Question – Lauren Dijkshoorn

Name: Lauren Dijkshoorn
Course: Seminar Concept English
Period: D
Teacher: Rob van den Idsert
Format: Presentation
Date: 10-05-2017

Research question

How does co-creation/participation between customer and company change the marketing field of today?

Sub questions

What is participation/co-creation?
How is participation/co-creation used in marketing?
How does participation/co-creation influence the marketing field of today?
What target audience is reached by participation/co-creation marketing?
How does participation/co-creation influence the target audience


For my research I want to research a subject that I find really interesting.

There are large changes in the media landscape in the past years. This changes the way target audiences can be reached. Some target audiences can’t be reached or are hard to reach when using the classic ways of marketing/communications.

By researching this subject I want to create insight in what participation/co-creation in marketing is, how this is executed and what the advantages are.


  • Desk research
    Looking for and analysing of already existing literature on the subject.
  • Interviews
    Looking for opinions about participation/co-creation of people who have been a part of participation/co-creation
  • Observation
    Compare and analyse existing examples.

Participation brand index
Lee R.P., Yonggui W., Ma S., Anderson J. (2017) Customer Participation in Service Cocreation: An (Extended) Abstract. In: Stieler M. (eds) Creating Marketing Magic and Innovative Future Marketing Trends. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science. Springer, Cham
What marketers can learn from participation brands

The Five Levels of Competitive Advantage Yielded by Co-Creation for Sales and Procurement – The Co-Creation Edge


Research question Melle Meijer

Research question Melle Meijer

Name: Melle Meijer
Student number: 1645212
Specialisation: Concept design English (resit)
Lecturer: Annemieke Pesch
Format: Mini-lecture

Research question:

On what way can you keep on stimulation your creativity in busy times?

Sub questions:

What is creativity?
How does creativity works?
How do you become less creative while being busy?
What happens with the brains when you are busy?
To what extent can you influence your own creativity?
Why do I pick creativity as a subject? I run into this problem myself that it feels like I am ‘losing’ creativity during busy times with stress and less spare time. I would love to find a way for myself (that might work for others as well) to keep on stimulation creativity at any time.

This is not only important for this stage in life, being a student, but this might be use full for the rest of the working life. That’s why this subject is CMD relevant because with the likely upcoming career you need to be creative and work under pressure.



Desk research:
Creativity and brains

Stress and creativity:


Buiten de lijntjes  : stimuleer je creativiteit

Imagine  : hoe creativiteit werkt

Creatief denken  : slimme technieken om problemen op te lossen


Kiki Blom







Research question – Thomas de Gilder

Name: Thomas de Gilder
Student number: 1645664
Specialisation: Concept Design (Resit)
Lecturer: Sandra Bukman
Format: Mini-lecture

Research question:
“In what way do upcoming artists make sure to be part of the Dutch hip hop scene.”

It is great to see the Dutch hip hop culture grow. Everyday there are new talents showing up. I am sure these people are thinking about how to put themselves into the scene and be part of the established order. There is a lot of marketing involved but I do think some was unintentionally. At this moment I am involved in a similar situation of some artists. I think this research could come in very useful.



Final Documentation – Janaki van Os

Name: Janaki van Os
Student number:
Specialisation: Concept Design (English)
 Rob van den Idsert
Course name:
Course code: JDE-­SVISE.3V-­13
Mini Lecture
Title:  Sahaja Yoga meditaion and the stress level in the workfield



Research paper:

Research paper



Final Submission – How IKEA makes you buy – Larissa van Soest

Name: Larissa van Soest
Student number: 1667066
Teacher: Sandra Bukman
Specialization: Concept English
Format: Mini lecture

Research Report