Final Submission – Sharon van Koot – Retry

Name: Sharon van Koot

Student number: 1664556

Specialization: Visual Design (English)

Format: Mini-lecture

Teacher: Annemieke Pesch

Main question: “What is the relation between modding and the lifespan of a game?”

Research report | Sharon van Koot 1664556

Reflection report | Sharon van Koot 1665546

Slides presentation | Sharon van Koot 1665446

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Synopsis – Sharon van Koot – Retry

Sharon van Koot
Visual Design English
Annemieke Pesch

Mini lecture


My research is about modding and the effect of it on the lifespan of games. Back in the days I played a lot of games. After a few weeks, I became bored with the original games. To make it fun again I went searching online for extra downloadable ‘material’ for the game. These extra ‘material’ for games are called mods. A mod, is short for modification. You can add custom content to your game. This is usually created by a community or a fan. Think about objects and maps but also a whole new game expansion can be a mod.

However, what does a mod do with the lifespan of a game? Should game developers be happy with mods or do they hate it? What is the normal lifespan of a game? And how does modding affect the lifespan of a game? These and more questions will be answered during my seminar.

Research question – Sharon van Koot – Retry

Name:                       Sharon van Koot

Student number:      1664556
Specialization:           Visual Design English
Docent:                     Annemieke Pesch

Format:                     Mini-lecture

Main question

What is the relation between modding and the lifespan of a game?

Sub Questions

What is the average lifespan of a game?

What factors affect the lifespan of games?

What is modding?



In the years, I played a lot of video games. Some games never get ‘old’, I still like to play them even though the game was released years ago. How can this happen when games nowadays come up with a new release or expansion every year? And those are the games that bore me the most. Simply some games I like are helped by some real die-hard fans. They make their own objects, story’s and maps, and share it with the world. This usually happens when a game won’t have any new releases. So the fans start to make their own content for the game when they had enough of the normal content, but want to continue playing their beloved game.

This happened a lot of times to me. Really liking a game but when you have played a lot of hours and have done everything already. You need some new content. It interests me how a game can be played out but still can be fun and playable when you have all this new stuff. For me this expands the lifespan of a game. But is it really because of the modding?



(Sihvonen, 2009) Modding The Sims and the Culture of Gaming

(Sotamaa, 2010) When the Game Is Not Enough: Motivations and Practices Among Computer Game Modding Culture


(Freedman, 2008) Career Building Through Skinning and Modding

FINAL SUBMISSION – Beyza Kaygisiz & Maurits Groenendijk

NAME?: Beyza Kaygisiz & Maurits Groenendijk

STUDENTNUMBER?: 1712769 & 1665598

COURSE NAME?: Seminar visual english


LECTURER?: Annemieke Pesh

FORMAT?: Documentary

DATE?: 06-06-2017

The art of memes

How did memes come to existence and how did they get so popular?


The art of memes – Project Report | Beyza Kaygisiz Maurits Groenenedijk

reflection | Beyza Kaygisiz Maurits Groenendijk

Documentary | Beyza Kaygisiz Maurits Groenendijk


Final Documentation – Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar

Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar
Visual Design English
Annemieke Pesch
Mini lecture
June 1, 2017

Seminar Topic 

‘Foolproof way to create a design app for both iOs and Android’

Research Report (Word count: 4065 ; Excluding Index, Sources, and Appendix)

Seminar Project Report _Vidhyalakshmi


Seminar Presentation_ Vidhyalakshmi

Reflection Report (Word Count: 476)

Seminar Reflection report_Vidhyalakshmi

Final Documentation – Tessa van Balen

Tessa van Balen
Visual Design English
Annemieke Pesch
Mini lecture
June 1, 2017

Research question
How is the worldwide known ‘bedtime story’ nowadays influenced by the digitalization?

Research Report


Presentation_Tessa_van_Balen_1161699 (Powerpoint)
Presentation_Tessa_van_Balen_1161699 (.PDF)

Reflection Report





Synopsis ~ Beyza Kaygisiz and Maurits Groenendijk


Format: Documentary

Title: The art of memes

Names: Beyza Kaygisiz (1712769) and Maurits Groenendijk (1665598)


In our documentary: ‘The art of memes.” we are going to get into why memes are used so much in social media these days. Until this day people are still discussing what was the first meme ever made. Some say it starts all the way at the egyptians with their wall drawings. Others claim the first meme was made in the seventies and goes by the name of Church of the Subgenius, a parody on religion. It is really hard to determine what the first meme was. Especially because the word meme literally means, an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. With our research we are on our way to find out how memes really started. And especially how they developed to where they are now.

In our documentary we first want to get into the true meaning of the word meme. To fully understand the success behind memes we first need to know what a meme actually is, how and why they come to existence and maybe even who makes them. Found  this out by doing an elaborate desk research and having several interviews.

By starting at the very foundation of the memes we know today we want to take you on a historical journey through the world of memes. See everything that has changed in memes in the past years and how memes kept developing to be such a well known internet phenomenon. And finally to be able to explain why memes are such a success.


Synopsis – Gina Conradi

Naam Gina Conradi
Specialisatie Visual design
Docent Annemieke Pesch
Periode D
Studentnummer 1624344
Format Mini hoorcollege

Hoe heeft de digitalisering invloed op een bezoek aan het Stedelijk Museum?

Toen ik een paar maanden geleden door het Stedelijk Museum liep, merkte ik bij binnenkomst al meteen op hoeveel gebruik er gemaakt wordt van technologie: van het kaartje scannen tot een zelfstandige rondleiding door middel van een audiotour. Meteen daarna vroeg ik mij af hoe dat vroeger moet zijn geweest. Er waren bijvoorbeeld geen applicaties of Instagram accounts waarop de bezoeker van tevoren al research op kon doen, zoals ik dat wel heb gedaan. En hoe beleefde de bezoeker het museum zonder gebruik van onze moderne technologie? In mijn onderzoek en presentatie geef ik op deze (en meer) vragen antwoord.

In het eerste deel van mijn onderzoek licht ik door middel van deskresearch het begrip digitalisering toe, en leg ik uit op welke aspecten en welke fase van digitalisering ik mij ga richten. Daarna deel ik mijn onderzoek (en presentatie) in, door vragen te stellen die zich richten op voor, tijdens en na het bezoek aan het museum. Deze vragen beantwoord ik door middel van deskresearch, enquêtes en natuurlijk een bezoek aan het Stedelijk Museum. Uiteindelijk wil ik in mijn presentatie een vergelijking maken van een bezoek aan het museum vroeger en nu, en wil ik een blik werpen op de mogelijkheden die de moderne technologie in de toekomst nog kan bieden aan het museumbezoek.

Synopsis – Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar

Format – Mini – Lecture

Title – Foolproof way to create a design app for both iOs & Android

Name: Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar


In the seminar ‘Foolproof way to create a design app for both iOs & Android,’ I’m going to look into 4 mobile applications belonging to iOs and Android and do a comparative study on the difference in their UI and UX. The UI is analyzed by observing the primary noun architecture, typography, color Scheme and Iconography of these apps. The UX is measured by observing users based on the VIMM model. Overall this study gives out an accurate prediction on the difference between the usability of the 4 iOs applications Vs the Android ones. The apps that I’ve picked are that of Flickr, 500px, Behance and Tumblr. All these 4 apps are used by photography/Design enthusiast who wants to showcase their work online. 

Adding to this, The study also draws conclusions upon each of those individual App’s usability which highlights the best practices in terms of app creation itself.

The seminar will include brief explanations about the UI elements and detailed lecture on the VIMM model and how I put it to use for this particular study. The lecture will then move on to present the results of the study and conclude by showcasing the best UI/UX element from all the four apps. This will give an insight into a foolproof way of app creation for the CMD students which I’m sure would get them interested.