Synopsis – Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar

Format – Mini – Lecture

Title – Foolproof way to create a design app for both iOs & Android

Name: Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar


In the seminar ‘Foolproof way to create a design app for both iOs & Android,’ I’m going to look into 4 mobile applications belonging to iOs and Android and do a comparative study on the difference in their UI and UX. The UI is analyzed by observing the primary noun architecture, typography, color Scheme and Iconography of these apps. The UX is measured by observing users based on the VIMM model. Overall this study gives out an accurate prediction on the difference between the usability of the 4 iOs applications Vs the Android ones. The apps that I’ve picked are that of Flickr, 500px, Behance and Tumblr. All these 4 apps are used by photography/Design enthusiast who wants to showcase their work online. 

Adding to this, The study also draws conclusions upon each of those individual App’s usability which highlights the best practices in terms of app creation itself.

The seminar will include brief explanations about the UI elements and detailed lecture on the VIMM model and how I put it to use for this particular study. The lecture will then move on to present the results of the study and conclude by showcasing the best UI/UX element from all the four apps. This will give an insight into a foolproof way of app creation for the CMD students which I’m sure would get them interested.

Synopsis – Anna Kangas

Name: Anna Kangas
Course name: Seminar Visual English
Period: D
Lecturer: Annemieke Pesch
Format: Presentation
Date: 02-05-2017

Why is minimalism taking over in web design nowadays?

You might have noticed that our surroundings are becoming more simple and minimalistic. Whether we are talking about design or even a way of life, it seems that all the useless or unnecessary elements are left out and only the essential content and the most important elements are retained. But the question is, why?

In this seminar this subject will be dealed with a web design point of view. Desk research and some observation will be done to find out what minimalism means, where it can be seen, what kind of web design trends there are nowadays and so on. With all the information, I will try to figure out why people nowadays prefer minimalistic web design.


Synopsis – Tessa van Balen

Tessa van Balen
Visual Design English
Annemieke Pesch

Mini lecture

Research title
How is the bedtime story influenced by the digitalization?

Sub questions
– Where did the bedtime story come from? Why is it an internationally known thing?
– How digital active are kids (4-10 years old) nowadays? At what age do they start?
– How is the market for childrensbooks developing?

Within this seminar I am going to talk about children’s  books, or as I call it: ‘the bedtime story’. Where did these stories (especially for children) originated from? And because of the digitalization, how is the market for children’s books developing?  I found some interesting facts that will question your opinion about this trend.

That children are affected by digitization is not a new fact. I am going to show how and why this trend affects the daily bedtime story. Do people still read to their children before bedtime? I arranged an interview with Nickelodeon’s engagement manager. How do they notice the change and how do they deal with it? What do they expect in the near future?

And not unimportant, how do current publishers deal with this trend? With all this information I can give an precize prediction for the near future.

Research Question – Maurits Groenendijk and Beyza Kaygısız

Name: Maurits Groenendijk and Beyza Kaygısız

Studentnumber: 1665598 and 1712769

Specialization: Visual Design

Teacher: Annemieke Pesch

Format: Documentary

Research Question:  Why does the way of storytelling memes use work so well in the current digital media?

Sub Questions:

  • What is the definition of a meme?
  • What specific kinds of storytelling are used in memes?
  • How important is personification in the storytelling of memes?

Motivation:  Memes, we use them everyday. We breathe them. Even now in the previous sentence we used a meme. That raises the question, why do we use them so much in our communication? (Or at least the youngsters under the age of 30. )

To answer that question we need to get to the true essence of memes. Their one and only purpose, telling a story. Either meant for amusement, having a giggle, relating yourself to it or just passing by time. Memes are so versatile you can use them for almost any purpose. We want to find out why they work so well in the current digital media.


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Research Question – Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar

Name: Vidhyalakshmi Vijaykumar

Studentnumber: 1712142

Specialization: Visual Design

Teacher: Annemieke Pesch

Format: Mini-lecture

Research Question:  What is the difference in the UI and UX of the selected android and ios applications based on the VIMM model. 

Sub Questions: 

-What are the various design rules that are set by android and Ios

-How is the VIMM model appropriate for measuring the User Experience

-How does the difference in the UI and UX affect a user


Having previously analyzed four websites and ios mobile apps on the UI and UX aspects in my previous year of study, I thought to look into the android interface would give a broader perspective to my research. Looking into the UI and UX aspects especially based on the VIMM model makes it even more interesting as I would be observing actual participants in the research and getting results out off. This validates my research even more and it would make my findings even more professional.

Since this study focusses on a seminar pattern, I also think it would be informative for my peers to know about the VIMM model which I think is imperative for students who are into web design and the like.

The apps that I would be looking into are that off Flickr, Behance, Tumblr and 500px.


Essentials of Usability (2014). User Centered Design. Retrieved from: http:// Accessed on: 27th April 2017.

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organization, webpage and navigation design: A systemic functional hypermedia

discourse analysis perspective. Information Design Journal (IDJ), 15(2), 144-162.

Research question – Tessa van Balen

Name:                                      Tessa van Balen
Studentnumber:                     1661699
Specialication:                        Visual Design
Teacher:                                  Annemieke Pesch
Format:                                   Mini lecture

Research question
How is the worldwide known ‘bedtime story’ nowadays influenced by the digitalization?

– Where did the bedtime story come from? Why is it an internationally known thing?
– How digital active are kids (4-10 years old) nowadays? At what age do they start?
– How is the market for childrensbooks developing?


I want to dive into the world of the bedtime story, because I am fascinated by the way children are entertained in such a simple way. The stories are really full of fantasy, and they try to give each day a happy ending for the child, so that it can fall asleap peacefully.

But as much I really like childrensbooks, I know that the market is changing. Youtube is getting more popular and apps are really important nowadays. I want to find out how it affects the bedtime story where we all grew up with.

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Research Question – Sharon van Koot

Name:                       Sharon van Koot

Student number:      1664556
Specialization:           Visual Design English
Docent:                     Annemieke Pesch

Format:                     Mini-lecture


Main question

How does modding effect the lifespan of a game?


Sub Questions

What is modding?

Why do or don’t gamers use modding?

How does modding affect gamers?

What is usually the lifespan of a game?



In the years, I played a lot of video games. Some games never get ‘old’, I still like to play them even though the game was released years ago. How can this happen when games nowadays come up with a new release or expansion every year? And those are the games that bore me the most. Simply some games I like are helped by some real die-hard fans. They make their own objects, story’s and maps, and share it with the world. This usually happens when a game won’t have any new releases. So the fans start to make their own content for the game when they had enough of the normal content, but want to continue playing their beloved game.

This happened a lot of times to me. Really liking a game but when you have played a lot of hours and have done everything already. You need some new content. It interests me how a game can be played out but still can be fun and playable when you have all this new stuff. For me this expands the lifespan of a game. But is it really because of the modding?



(Sihvonen, 2009) Modding The Sims and the Culture of Gaming

(Sotamaa, 2010) When the Game Is Not Enough: Motivations and Practices Among Computer Game Modding Culture


(Freedman, 2008) Career Building Through Skinning and Modding

Research question – Anna Kangas

Name: Anna Kangas
Course name: Seminar Visual English
Period: D
Lecturer: Annemieke Pesch
Format: Presentation
Date: 28-04-2017

Research question
Why is minimalism so prominent in web design nowadays?

1. What is minimalism?
2. How and where is minimalism taking over in web design?

Some other things I can think about
3. Where else minimalist design/minimalism is taking over? Why?
4. Future of web design?
5. Future of minimalist design?

I wanted to come up with a subject that is interesting and current. I also wanted to do a research about an instructive subject, which I can benefit in my working life in a future. That’s why I came up with an idea about how designing has changed: I have noticed that minimalism has became a trend and I would like to know why? I decided to take that subject, and do a research from a web design point of view, that the subject wouldn’t be so wide.

Research methods
– Desk research
Gathering and analyzing information, already available in print or published on the internet.
– Observation
Observing the information in practice, like finding examples.


What is minimalism?

10 reasons why minimalism is growing

Design minimalism: What, why and how?

7 Rules for creating a simple design

Minimalist design is taking over



Final Documentation – Dennis Dilweg

Name: Dennis Dilweg
Student number: 1623130
Course code: : JDE- SVISE.3V- 13
Course name: Seminar Visual English (Resit)
Period: C
Lecturer: Rob van den Idsert
Format: Animatie
Date: 24-03-2017

Title: Augmented Reality – the new frontier of UI design

Research report
Animation (Vimeo)

Final submission – Dennis Dilweg

Name: Dennis Dilweg
Student number:
Specialisation: Visual Design (English)
 Rob van den Idsert
Course name:
Course code: JDE-­SVISE.3V-­13
Title: The augmented world of tomorrow

Self reflection
Deliverable: Self-Reflection
Research report
Deliverable: Research report
Deliverable: Animation
Deliverable: Presentation