Research Question – Ayşe İrem Ertekin

Name: Ayşe İrem Ertekin

Student number: 1712768

Specialization: Visual Design

Teacher: Annemieke Pesch

Format: Presentation

Research Question:  What are the effects of minimalism in terms of design on brands?

Sub Questions: 

-What are the benefits of minimalism on branding identity?

-What are the differences between old identities and new identities?

-How do these design changes affect users?


First of all I searched for the design properties of minimalism. And I really what to do, explain certain things about it. Then I decided to start with the brands that generally all of us used. Because these are affecting our experience in some ways. I generally se the design changes in apps or logos which I like and don’t like. Because sometimes they are looking good as a design terms and sometimes it looks very bad. The same thing also acceptable for websites. Websites are generally long lasting but if they can expire in time. Likewise, we all know the application design changes in phones that we use over time. Also why are they look so alike? I want to search about that it will be informative for me to investigate and examine them and find new designs.Knowing the history of application designs and brands is also about predicting a futuristic future design.


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