Synopsis – Jonathan Tjahjoko

Naam: Jonathan Tjahjoko
Student number: 1651303
Class: E-CON
Teachers: Rob van den Idsert / Annemieke Pesch
Format: Mini lecture

A new way of propaganda: Fake news

It is strange what a few words can do with people’s opinion and behaviour. With some shocking headlines and false truth, society has the power to turn the world upside down. It’s like plague, it spreads around the media so fast and there is almost nothing that we can do. Major tech companies like Facebook and Google try to stop the plague with tips and tricks on how to spot the problem. I think it is important to be aware of what is real news and what is not. Fake news is a major problem in nowadays journalism. With fake news, negative people who already have a bad view on the world, get their satisfaction from fake news. Their opinions and behaviour can stir the world and that is a big problem.

Besides deskresearch i’m interviewing a psychologist on people’s behaviour and opinions, to find out why people are so easily influenced by fake news.

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