Synopsis ~ Beyza Kaygisiz and Maurits Groenendijk


Format: Documentary

Title: The art of memes

Names: Beyza Kaygisiz (1712769) and Maurits Groenendijk (1665598)


In our documentary: ‘The art of memes.” we are going to get into why memes are used so much in social media these days. Until this day people are still discussing what was the first meme ever made. Some say it starts all the way at the egyptians with their wall drawings. Others claim the first meme was made in the seventies and goes by the name of Church of the Subgenius, a parody on religion. It is really hard to determine what the first meme was. Especially because the word meme literally means, an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. With our research we are on our way to find out how memes really started. And especially how they developed to where they are now.

In our documentary we first want to get into the true meaning of the word meme. To fully understand the success behind memes we first need to know what a meme actually is, how and why they come to existence and maybe even who makes them. Found  this out by doing an elaborate desk research and having several interviews.

By starting at the very foundation of the memes we know today we want to take you on a historical journey through the world of memes. See everything that has changed in memes in the past years and how memes kept developing to be such a well known internet phenomenon. And finally to be able to explain why memes are such a success.


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