Synopsis Melle Meijer


Name: Melle Meijer
Student number: 1645212
Specialisation: Concept design English (resit)
Lecturer: Annemieke Pesch
Format: Mini-lecture


How to stay creative while your stressed?

We think creativity is something common. Some people might be more creative than others but what is creativity actually? Creativity is something really complex and scientist still don’t know the exact answer but they do know a lot already. Creativity is an outcome, idea, process that is useful, relevant and a solution. Creativity takes place in the brain and is about making connections between previous experience but also between the two sides of the brain.

You might recognise the feeling of feeling less creative when you are really busy or stressed. The more stress, the less creative. Does it work that why in your brain or is it something you just feel. But how do you stay creative while you’re stressed? For this research I found out ways to keep on stimulation your creativity in busy times.

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