Revised Research Question – Lauren Dijkshoorn

Name: Lauren Dijkshoorn
Course: Seminar Concept English
Period: D
Teacher: Rob van den Idsert
Format: Presentation
Date: 26-05-2017

Research question
What are the advantages for Lush when engaging in online communities.

Sub Questions
What is engagement?
What is an online community?
What channels are used for online engagement by Lush?
How can engagement benefit and damage the reputation of a company?
How does engagement affect the targeted online community?
What can a company achieve by engaging in online communities?

After a lot of brainstorming and revising my previous setup for my research, I discovered that my initial plan for my research was not possible.

This is what I initially wanted to research, how can a company engage in community created platforms such as facebook groups. I am in a few facebook groups focussed on companies, such as Dr. Martens and Lush. I notice that a lot of useful feedback is given inside these groups that are unseen by the company, or maybe deliberately not used.

I want to know what the advantages of joining communities are for a company. And what the customers think of it.

Research methods
– Desk research
Looking for and analysing of already existing literature on the subject.
– Interview
– Survey
In existing online communities
– Observation
Compare and analyse existing examples.

Resource list

We’re all a-twitter — why online communities matter: Lindsay Blackwell at TEDxWilmingtonUniversity

Sociability and usability in online communities: Determining and measuring success

The real value of online communities

Lush Marketing Plan Final.

Community Engagement

The benefits of online communities

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