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Name:                       Sharon van Koot

Student number:      1664556
Specialization:           Visual Design English
Docent:                     Annemieke Pesch

Format:                     Mini-lecture

Main question

What is the relation between modding and the lifespan of a game?

Sub Questions

What is the average lifespan of a game?

What factors affect the lifespan of games?

What is modding?



In the years, I played a lot of video games. Some games never get ‘old’, I still like to play them even though the game was released years ago. How can this happen when games nowadays come up with a new release or expansion every year? And those are the games that bore me the most. Simply some games I like are helped by some real die-hard fans. They make their own objects, story’s and maps, and share it with the world. This usually happens when a game won’t have any new releases. So the fans start to make their own content for the game when they had enough of the normal content, but want to continue playing their beloved game.

This happened a lot of times to me. Really liking a game but when you have played a lot of hours and have done everything already. You need some new content. It interests me how a game can be played out but still can be fun and playable when you have all this new stuff. For me this expands the lifespan of a game. But is it really because of the modding?



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