Research Questions – Yaren Cirit

What is the influence of a font and font color in a message?

  • Name: Yaren Cirit
  • Format: Mini-lecture
  • Specialization: Visual Communication Design
  • Lecturer: Annemieke Pesch


Nowadays, designers applying the trends of fonts and colors for their artworks without questioning. Do you think is it best way to reach your target group? Sometimes trends fonts and colors not suitable to certain artworks. Designers should be aware of it that’s why I want to emphasize what is the affects of font and color. From my point, to emphasize the best way of design, goes through right choices.

While we are making artworks, there is a psychological structure at the behind. We need to focus those things to reach right way. Communicating with right channel is the most important thing in design. We are designers, we need to aware of what we are doing exactly, the questioning is most important thing looking from another view for our artworks.

When I taking this course, I was thinking about “Have I communicated with right channel with my target group?” Then, I realise we are always focusing to trends, sometimes without questioning. I want to emphasize those things are so important making artworks. Therefore, I believe that, I can investigate the right way communicating fonts and colors. Those things are definitely affects our perspective to look artworks. With this topic, I hope I can change people minds about trends are always not a good choices and then they can realise influence of font and font color in a message.


  1. A look into the psychology of text
  2. Communicating with right channel
  3. How to choose the right colors and fonts?
  4. How do fonts and colors can influence your audience(target group)?
  5. Right and wrong choices
  6. Conclusion

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