Synopsis – Yaren Cirit

What is the influence of a font and font color in a message?

As designers, we getting affected by popularity of art works. Making wrong choices causes image contamination for our works. Sometimes we are aware of it, sometimes not due to get caught in the flow trends. We believe some choices making us popular but in actual sometimes we are in the wrong way.

From my point, I want to prove those things to count what affects us. Then, we can say the message influences by font and colors. First of all, we need to look at what is behind of it. We need to ask those questions to find out: “Is it something psychological affect behind of typography?” or either “What is the right channel for communicating with font and color?”¬†After that, we can see “What is the reality of our choices and influences in a message?”.

We need to take out some points to make in a right way so I’m gonna explain what kind of font and colors, how influences message or either artworks. I will show some right examples and some wrong examples then we can compare all works and can say which one is in right channel for communicating. I believe that, those things will show us how we should use font and color combination together.




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