Synopsis Myrthe Stortelers

 Name: Myrthe Stortelers

Student number: 1675488

Specialisation: Concept design (Eng.)


Lecturer: Rogier Manten

Format: mini-lecture


Research question:

What is the most effective way of advertising with elderly (65+) as the targetgroup?



Who is the target group?

  • What values do they have on media?
  • Which product needs do they have?
  • Which media are they using?
  • Which components by the target group are playing part in making shopping decisions?


How can we effect shopping decisions?

  • Which ways of advertising are there?
  • In which ways can you differentiate in reaching target groups with advertising?
  • Successful advertisements focused on an elderly target group.
  • Why are they successful? (Analysis / tone of voice / message)
  • Which components play part on advertising specified on an elderly targetgroup?




Where some think elderly people are boring and have finished their jobs in live, I think they’re super interesting. Not only for their life experiences but also because they grew up in a complete different zeitgeist. I think their not as used to mobile devices and modern advertisements as my generation does and they get some disabilities by hearing and seeing. But is that really true? Is advertising for people from 65+ truly harder or different than for other target groups? I like to find that out in my research.


Research methods:

Desk research / survey / interview



In my research I took a close look at the target group. Who are they? What are their values and needs? And on what do they base their shopping decisions? I found out that elderly aren’t that aged as we maybe expect. Especially young elderly (65 to 74) spent their time doing a lot of active activities. Also a lot of young elderly make quite some use of mobile devices and social media.


When it comes to shopping decisions their more conservative. They often stick to the product or brand they are used to. I’m still finding out what is the best way of affecting that decision and why it is really valuable in some cases to advertise on elderly especially.

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