Synposis – Emmie van de Bunt (Herkanser)

‘How could social media contribute to improve the image of the HU?’

Sub questions

  1. What is currently the image of the HU?
    What image do current students have of the HU?
    What image do alumni have of the HU?
    What image do lecturers have of the HU?
  2. Wat is the desirable image of the HU?
  3. Wat is the current social media policy of the HU?
  4. Which channels are best suited to improve the image of the HU?
  5. Which social media strategie would be suitable to contribute to improve the image of the HU?


Social media is HOT and happening! But on the other hand, something that’s ‘hot’ today, can be totally ‘not’ tomorrow and that’s just the thing that I love about social media. I was trying to combine this subject with another contemporary and relevant subject, this became the image of the HU.

Last year the HU was in the top three of worst ‘hbo’s ‘ in the Netherlands. To be completely honest: I wasn’t suprised (yes, well during this research we have to be totally honest with each other. Living on the edge). But, the question is: how can we improve this image?

In order to give a valid answer to the main question, I’m currently working on an ‘imageresearch’, trough a survey. The challenge for this survey is to get other students and lecturers besides ‘FCJ-people’ to respond to this survey.

Besides this i’m currently doing research about different social media channels and social media strategies. During my research, it was important to chose a specifiek target group. I chose current student of the HU, because they are the only ones who can actually say something about how what kind of school the HU is. Parents or potential students can only assume. When the current students get a better image of the HU, this will spread.

(Emmie van de Bunt | 1661186 | Mini-lecture)

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