Synopsis – Bram van Vulpen

Since the age of 15 I’ve been working in several restaurants as a side job, this occupies a big part of my time. The other big part is CMD and learning as much as I can. The moment I heard we could choose any subject for this course, I was combining CMD with restaurants in all kinds of ways. Eventually, I got caught up in the question if the design of restaurants convey to people what kind of restaurant they are. This forms my research question:

Do restaurants like GYS, The Food Club and De Pieperconvey with their design to potential guests that they’re biological restaurants?

But, what does biological stand for? There are different views on this topic, so for me, it’s important to get clear which one I think is right and will use in my research. I’m researching an aspect of biological returning in the visual designs of restaurants, therefore, I’ve got to find out which visual associations people have with biological. Sub-question one: What does biological stand for and how do you convey it visually?

The research is about three restaurants in Utrecht, named GYS, The Food Club and De Pieper. For this research, I’m going to visit those restaurants online and in person to check out what kind of restaurants they are. Sub-question two: What kind of restaurants are GYS, The Food Club and De Pieper?

When I’m visiting the restaurants I’ll be looking if I can find the visual associations of biological in their design. Sub-question three: How did GYS, The Food Club and De Pieper use these associations in their design?

Not only is it about the restaurants itself, but I’ll be also talking with the visitors of the restaurants. I hope they can tell me about why they went to this particular restaurant and if they consciously choose for a biological one. Sub-question four: Did the visitors of GYS, The Food Club and De Pieper consciously choose to go to a biological restaurant?

The main research question says potential guests, so with all the information I’ve gathered I’ll approach any potential guest of these restaurants to check if they would see the restaurants as biological. Sub-question five: Do random potential guests recognize GYS, The Food Club and De Pieper as biological restaurants?

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