Documentatie Seminar Bjorn Rodermond

Naam: Bjorn Rodermond

Studentnummer: 1641163

Specialisatie: User Experience Design Blok: B

Onderwerp: Blockchain

Docent: Madris Synopsis










Synopsis | Iris Holtkuile

Research Question

  1. What strategy did TBWA/NEBOKO apply to the campaign and how did that led to a prevention of buying illegal fireworks within the targetgroup?


  1. What was the TVBM-campaign about and what were the special insights?
  2. Which strategy in the TVBM-campaign fitted their target group best and why?
  3. What made the campaign by TBWA/NEBOKO succesful and how does this differ from earlier firework campaigns?


Subquestion 1. While answering this question I introduce the campaign. I explain how the campaign has worked, what media is used, how the target group responded and what the effect of the campaign was. Aside of that I explain which were important special insights that have made the campaign to what it became. The literature I use here is of course the campaign itself, which is explained in their case film, news in media and press about the campaign and the interview I’ve had with TBWA’s Creative Directors Rogier Verbeek & Matthijs Schoo.

Conclusion Subquestion 1. In this conclusion I want to be able to answer in short what the campaign was about and a short list of how the special insights led the campaign.

Subquestion 2. In this subquestion I investigate the used strategy and focus on how this certain strategy fits their target group. Their target group performs certain behavior that this campaign should prevent. I look at how you adjust your strategy to this particular target group, where they are not willing to change their behavior. The literature I use here are the interview I’ve had with TBWA’s Creative Directors Rogier Verbeek & Matthijs Schoo, theory about strategy (Schultz, D. 1996. Essentials of Advertising Strategy.) and positioning (Ries, A., Trout, J. 2001. ‘POSITIONING. The Battle for Your Mind. To many it’s the Bible on Strategy’).

Conclusion Subquestion 2. After finding the answers to my research I put the answer to the question in a conclusion. Here I want to be able to tell in short what specific kind of strategy has worked here.

Subquestion 3. What stood out to me while doing my research is that in the previous firework campaigns a totally different approach and strategy was applied. TBWA/NEBOKO broke the trend by their campaign: the focus was for the first time not on health and saftety but on getting caught. In this subquestion I compare the differences between these approaches and analyse the change that occurred.

Conclusion subquestion 3. In this conclusion I want to be able to summarize the difference within these campaigns, but also give an overview of the change in trends. The literature I use is the book from Sire, that holds all earlier firework campaigns, from the year 1995 (Sire. 2012. ‘Een steen in de vijver.’).

Final Conclusion: Here is where I answer my main question. I want to have a helicopter view over this question and be able to answer in short: what strategy was applied to this campaign, why that worked out well and what my prediction of the future in these type of campaigns will be (what I think and would advise).

Sources: My used sources within this research

Appendix: Interview Rogier Verbeek & Matthijs Schoo